Make Ipswich Masjid Debt-Free!

Asslamu 'alaikum

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I pray and hope that you are in the highest spirit of Imaan and health in this blessed coming month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, by the permission of Allah and your generosity we have accomplished Phase 1 purchase of the building next door for £182,000, Ma-sha' Allah!

However, we now must work hard together again to eliminate the loans of £71,000 Qarde Hasanah given by brothers. We did it for Phase 1. Let's do it again to remove the burden of debt from Ipswich Masjid.

Then there is the total cost of renovating next door building fit for our purpose may cost over £200,000 and you may not be aware that we do not receive any external funding.

Therefore, we have to continue with the fund raising from within the community. Recently, the community responded very positive, this shows that our community is very strong and we can all work together to complete this project.

During Ramadan we have a lot of fund raising. All brothers and sisters, who have kindly donated so far, Jazzak-Allah for your help and support, without your continued help and support we could not have completed this task.

May Allah (SWT) increase your wealth and guide us all.

Share in this endeavour and share in the reward. Our Lord, Allah has promised us houses in Jannah for the establishment of the mosques in this life. Let's believe with firm faith and strive for His sake alone.

The Ipswich Masjid Team is waiting to receive your generous donations. Alhamdulillah, there are many ways to donate your sadaqah, simply by clicking on the Paypal button above or via the numerous other means on our donations page.

Once again Jazzak-Allah for your kind support.