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Welcome to the Ipswich Mosque.

Assalamu Alaikum, brothers and sister we are in the process of updating the website. During the update process some content may not be available. We endeavour to get everything up and running as soon as possible.
Jazzak Allah for your help.

Posted - 01st April 2016

Purchase of new Building

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We have now secured the purchase of next door building

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We would like to share some good news with everyone. As some you may be aware that we were in the process in purchasing the 3 end buidlings...

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Posted - 01st April 2016

Masjid Do's and Don't's

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Islam made the Masjid the heartbeat of the Muslim society.

It is the hangout of Muslims where they meet one another daily not to perform the prayers only but also for other acts of worship and activities that are beneficial for the Muslim community.
The prophet (S.A.W.) taught us that the Masajid are Allah's houses and that they have etiquette and rules that should be learned and upheld by every Muslim. We should teach our families and children these rules and remind other Muslims to uphold these rules. This guarantees the Masajid play their roles properly and effectively that they were designed for.

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Information Board

  • Welcome to the website of the Ipswich & Suffolk Bangladeshi Muslim Community Centre and Mosque.
  • This building, which once served as a Victorian Fire Station, could only accommodate 70 people. Hence, in 1994, we purchased a Portacabin to increase capacity, but before long it began to overflow on Fridays and during Ramadan and Eid.
  • Ipswich Mosque is open for all of the five daily prayers. It can accommodate over 400 people. Children's and adult's classes run by our head Imam and teachers.
  • Female only classes every Saturday - contact Mosque for further information.
  • The Ipswich Mosque needs your help to raise money to extend the prayer facilities.
  • Make a secure donation via PayPal - Donate Now
  • Religious Advice and Counselling, Marriage Solemnisation , Funeral (Janazah) and more We also have a book shop where you can purchase Quran, Islamic books, Attar (perfumes) and much more.
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Wednesday 04 May 2016
Begins Jama'ah
Fajr 3.36 4.15
Zhur 1.03 1.30
Asr 6.05 7.30
Maghrib 8.30 After Adhan
Isha 9.37 10.00
Sunrise Today  5.18

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