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Building or donating towards a Masjid is one of the best forms of charity. The first thing the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did after migrating to Madinah was build a Masjid.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), said:

"Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise."

A Masjid is at the heart of every Muslim community.

  •   Firstly, it provides a safe place and environment for the worshipers to pray and contemplate.
  •   Secondly, the Masjid is the hub of Islamic education, especially for the children to learn Qur’an.
  •   Finally, the mosque helps Muslims learn more about the Islamic way of life and nurture their moral and spiritual development.
  • Like any business, income is important to keep it going; a business will sell a product or service to make money. The Masjid on the other hand relies on public donations to keep it going. The donation is used to pay for gas/electricity/water bills and other expenses that occur on day to day bases as well as paying staff wages; buying books and other material required for learning etc.

    Maintenance is another expense; keeping boilers and other appliances serviced so they don’t break down when you need it most. Then there are future expansion/ upgrade projects to make more room for children’s classes; adding extra space for prayers or even making improvements to existing facilities like painting and decorating and any emergency repairs where needed.

    This is why your donation is essential to keeping everything running in the Masjid.


    Online Donations

    You can now make a secure online donation using PayPal. Just select one of the following options:

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    Enter a Amount

    Enter an amount of your choice.

    Or you can select a preset amount


    Pre-Selected Amount

    Select an preselect amount,
    or you can donate every month for up to 24 months.



    Monthly Standing Order

    Note: Monthly standing order will run for upto 24 months.
    Unless you cancel this via PayPal.

    Monthly Donation

    Ongoing Charity – Sadaqa Tu Jariya: Donating to a Masjid, is an ongoing charity which continues even after a person dies and his/her book of deeds are closed.
    Even if you spend one Pound towards a Masjid, InshaAllah that will count as an ongoing charity.

    Donate now to the Ipswich Mosque, its simple and easy. Online donations powered by PayPal.

    Make a Donation


    How you can make a donation to the Ipswich Mosque.

    Donate Now!
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