Eid Jama’at Times

Posted - 08th July 2018


Isha & Khatme Tarawi @ 10:50pm (Ladies only entrance via Upper Orwell Street)

Late Night Khatme Tarawi @ 12:15am (No Ladies Facilities)

*All Islamic dates and festivals are subject to the sighting of the moon.

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Updated - 13th May 2018

Children's Class
Term Holiday
PLEASE NOTE: Parents and Carers

All children's Arabic classes will be closed from Monday 2nd April 2018 to Sunday 8th April 2018.

Normal classes will resume from Monday 9th April 2018, Insha-Allah.

Posted - 31st March 2018

Posted - 17th February 2018

Supporting Suffolk's Unaccompanied Asylum
Seeking Children
The global refugee crisis is at record levels and the UK is seeing more and more people arriving and seeking refuge in our communities. Amongst them are unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

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Posted - 23rd December 2017

2018 Prayer Calendar

The 2018 Prayer Timetable is now available from the Mosque office or the Mosque book shop (only available during Friday Juma).

Please note: a donation of £2.00 is required to cover costs.

Posted - 23th Dec 2017

Fostering Open Evening
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Posted - 05th December 2017

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