COVID19 Test and Trace

In-Sha-Allah the Mosque is now open with limited service.

All Jama'at attendance is by appointment only (see below).

We want to be able to stay open so we’re introducing new measures to help keep everyone safe.

We’ll be taking contact details from everyone who will be coming to Mosque. These need to be kept for 21days and, if asked, we will provide them to NHS test and Trace.

Please be reassured that your information will be stored securely, in line with data protection laws, and will not be shared with anyone else. We will also not use your data for anything else like marketing.

We are doing this to help reduce the risk of any local outbreak –by sharing your information NHS Test and Trace can quickly identify people who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and ask them to take the necessary precautions.

Jummah Prayer by booking only

There will be Two Jammat
1st Jammat 1.30pm
2nd Jammat 2.15pm

Maximum 30 people per Jammat. Attendance by appointment only
To book your place call 01473 226879
on Tuesdays between 2.00pm-3.30pm first comes first serve.


• Maximum number of Worshippers allowed – 30
• Pre booking ONLY Telephone 01473 226879
• Please make Wudu at home
• Please do Sunnah /Nafl Prayers at home
• No young children under 13 years old (will need to be Pre booked).
• Please bring your own Prayer Mat and take it back home with you. Entry will not be permitted without one.(requirement)
• Please wear Face mask/face covering while in the Mosque. Entry will not be permitted without one. (requirement)
• Stand 2 metre apart
• Leave empty row between
• No Handshakes
• No Mingling after the Prayer
• Mosque doors will be open 15 minutes before Jammat and closed straight after Jammat and doors will be locked between Prayers

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