The Internet – Highway to Correct and Incorrect Information

The Internet is a very large network of knowledge and information that is available at your disposal, together with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and many others alike, are a source of information and a way of communication. News, messages and even gossip travels quicker than ever before so it’s not surprising that many people fall victim of incorrect information; guidance and even fraud.

There are many websites that give out different views on the same subject matter; so which one should we follow? How do we know the person who wrote the information is genuine and knowledgeable in the area they are writing about? Are the hadith, quotes or even the translation of the Quran correct?

The answer is we don’t really know; unless we know the source and the person writing it. For this reason it’s always best to check with someone you know rather than relying on the content that we find online and blindly believing they are correct or authentic.

There are many websites out there that portray to be giving out information about hadith’s and other Islamic matters. Some of this information is not true or has been fabricated based on a small amount of hadith to prove the point. For this reason we need to check our sources and make sure the person behind the information is of four qualities:

1) They are a true Muslim or a known Scholar.
2) They are knowledgeable in the subject they are advising, commenting or teaching about.
3) It's based on authentic source.
4) Their views and findings match with that of other Scholars.

If in doubt, check with someone who is known to be trustworthy and knowledgeable, for example, your local Imam(s) in the subject. Don't take their words for it unless you have verified all detail are true and authentic teaching of or Prophet (SAW).

See guidance for parents on usage of the Internet and how we can protect our children from misuse of the Internet. Stay Safe Online

May Allah Subhana Watala guide us all in the true path to Jannah and not let us go astray because of the misinformation that we find on the internet.
Ameen .

Jazzak Allah

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