Khutba about ‘ Hajj’3

Yousuf Saleh - 23rd August 2013

All Praise is due to Allah (swt) who is the Sustainers of all the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon Muhammad (saws), his family, his companions and all those who follow him in righteousness until the day of resurrection. Amma Bad. Respected brothers and sisters at home, we have been talking about ’The obligation and the merits of Hajj’

As you all know Allah (swt) created us to worship Him only. And worship has to be according to the teachings of His Prophet harmony to Quran and Sunnah. And one has to carry out his duty with a pure intention, solely for Allah (swt). There is no part from anyone or anything else. Allh (swt) said in Quran, Ch-2. Ve-42: Do not mix the Haqq that means the truth which I have revealed with lies and do not knowingly conceal the Haqq.’

So, brothers and sisters at home, when one makes pure intention and does Ibadah how Allah (swt) has prescribed, in this way, both body and soul combine in worshipping Allah (swt). Only this type of worship reaches to Allah (swt), nothing else. When we Muslims visit the Ka’ba we fight to touch the ghilaf cover of Ka’ba, we do Jihad to kiss the black stone to wipe out our sins while we talking with our mobiles, we are busy to take pictures etc. after performing Hajj then if people don’t write Al Haj Or Haji before my name I become sad and some cases I am so angry. We need to realise and ponder over the purpose of Hajj.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, When anyone goes to another’s house he visits the owner of the house, not the house merely. When respect is shown to a king or a righteous man, it is not the throne or the place that is respected. If one shows his utmost respect to the owner of the house as he valued everything of Him. In contrast if one respects the house or the throne only, forgetting the owner of the house it is same as many other places in the world people visit every day. This is what Allah (swt) mentioned in Suratul Quraysh Ch-106‘They ought to worship the Rabb of this house’ the Rabb of Ka’ba’.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, In our society many muslims seem very careless to comply their obligatory Hajj, on the other hand many give the impression to perform on Nafl Hajj like Fard hajj. In the present the Muslims of the world are suffering and going astray much more than any other times. Most of the Muslims of the world are deprived knowingly or unknowingly from the basic knowledge of Islam.

Consequently, today a large part of the Muslims of the world standing unfortunately against the teachings of Islam. It is the duty of every practicing Muslims to promote and convey the message of Islam and to spend their wealth in this prophetic cause and save the destitute muslims in the world. Here I would like give a picture with a story on this.

The story involves a great Imam known as Abdullah Bin Al-Mubarak rahimahullah. He was a man who made so much money, yet never had to pay zakah because he would donate the money to so many different causes. He even sponsored six of some of the most noble scholars of his time, and their names are Sufyan Ath-Thawri, Sufyan bin `Uyayna, Hammad Ibn Zaid, Hammad Ibn Salama, Isma`eel Ibn `Ulayya, and AlFudayl Ibn `yaad. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak RAH was an Imam, Faqih, Muhaddis, andMujahid. He was probably born in the beginning of the second century – Hijri. He is also a student of Imam Abu Hanifah RAH. Abdullah bin Mubarak was born in Khurasan, but later on he migrated to Baghdad and settled there.

Once he was going a Hajj journey with a Caravan. On the way a hen of a member of the caravan died. They threw away the dead hen on the dump. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak, was coming behind the caravan. He saw that a girl from the neighboring village came out, rushed to the dead hen, wrapped it with a cloth and took it home quietly and quickly. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak, was observing all this and was at a loss to understand what the girl would do with that dead hen. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Mubarak, followed that girl to her house. He asked her who she was and what she was going to do with that dead hen. The girl said to Hazrat Abdullah Mubarak, I am an orphan girl and my mother is a widow. Today there is nothing in the house to eat. For many days we have been passing in such wretched state, in which the Shariah has made it lawful for us to eat dead meat. Thus, we keep ourselves alive by picking up from this heap dead animals.

Hearing this Hazrat AbduIlah bin Mubarak’s heart was awfully shocked. He thought what a misfortunethat these servants of Allah are living on the meat of dead animals and he was going on the Hajj ! he inquired from his assistant about the money with him. The assistant replied that it was perhaps two thousand Dinars. He asked him that after deducting twenty Dinars for their Journey back home he should hand over the entire money to that girl. He would not go on the Hajj that year.

Abdullah bin mubarak said after Hajj I was so amazed that whenever I met any of the returning hujjaaj and wished them by saying a ‘ ha maqbool’ they would wish me the same. Then, when I said anything further, they would remind me about having met me at such and such a place. I could not understand this. That night I saw a dream, wherein the Prophet (saw) said to me: O son of Mubarak, there is no need to be astonished. You have assisted a distressed one from among my Ummah, whereupon I begged to Allah (swt) to appoint one such an angel to perform hajj on your behalf until Qiamah. Allah (swt) has grunted the reward for him for helping the poor family of the girl, it is much more than the reward for nafl Hajj.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, the obligatory Hajj has more priority over anything else, as it is one fifth of Islam, and it is more important than helping your son getting married, helping other people, or paying Sadaqah etc. But it has been said as regard of the Nafelah Hajj: paying its expenses as Sadaqh is more useful in recent times when people’s need for money to save their deen and basic needs.

For example Look at the situation of our brothers in Palestine whose houses were wrecked, no power, no gas, no food and medicine. The same situation in sirya Iraq, and in many other Muslim countries. What about Bangladesh. Over 7,000 children under five years old die annually from poor water and sanitation in Bangladesh. Imam Ahmad was asked once: Should I perform Nafelah Hajj or help destituteinstead? Imam Ahmad, answered: “If they are in dire need for your help, it will be dearer to Allah.”

May Allah (swt) give us thawfic to understand the real nature of Islam and to comply our duty accordingly instead of following our own desire.

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