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If you need to contact us, you can write to us, call us during opening hours, or complete the contact form below.
Please Note: Inshallah Allah we will try to respond to your email as soon as possible.

Masjid Office Hours:

Fridays from
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Call us on:
01473 226879


32-36 Bond Street

Emergency or out of hours please call:

Foezul Hoque
07958 122404
Tunu Miah
07855 540993

Emergency or out of hours please call:

Fotik Miah
07838 215147
Mahbub Alam Shamim
07968 121656
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About Islam

Basic Principles of Islam

Some basic history and facts about Islam and the way of life as a Muslim.

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About Islam

Friday Khutba

Important Friday Sermone (Khutba) during the Friday Jumu'ah salaah.

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About Islam

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Masjid etiquette, General Dua's, & advice for when visting the Masjid.

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Ongoing Charity – Sadaqa Tu Jariya: Donating to a Masjid, is an ongoing charity which continues even after a person dies and his/her book of deeds are closed.
Even if you spend one Pound towards a Masjid, InshaAllah that will count as an ongoing charity.

Donate now to the Ipswich Mosque, its simple and easy.
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