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The Ipswich Mosque and community Centre has been offering a service to the Primary schools for years we provide a structured guided tour of the Mosque and community centre.
We get requests regularly from Schools and each year around 200 children come to the centre. It is mainly primary 5-6 classes although we have entertained primary 3 and 4 classes also.
The Ipswich Mosque visits help to give a better insight into the Muslim faith. It also gives the children an idea about the function of a Mosque within the Muslim community.
The visit involves an introduction to the Ipswich Mosque followed by the recitation of the Holy Quran by the Imam. The Quran is the religious scripture of the Muslim faith; then a brief introduction to the role of the Mosque.
The Imam and the Mosque committee members and volunteers take the group around the centre. There are also light snacks provided by the Ipswich Mosque. This presentation is interactive and the children are encouraged to participate. A questions and answer session concludes the visit.

Regular Activities

  • The Friday and two Eid Khutba (sermons) In English, Bangla and Arabic.
  • The five daily prayers, Friday prayers,Taraweeh and Eid Prayers.
  • Regular and occasional Educational and Social activities such as: Reciting Suratul Mulk (Chapter 67) every night.
  • Regular Class (HIFFS) for memorising the whole of the Holy Quran Sunday to Wednesday and Friday.
  • Regular Mosque Classes for Children 6 Days a week.
  • Weekly: variety of Womens Islamic classes.
  • Weekly: variety Islamic Classes for Adults in English.
  • Weekly: variety Islamic Classes for Elderly.
  • Weekly: Variety Islamic Classes for Men.
  • Monthly: Quran khatam on behalf of the whole of humanity to obtain Peace and divine guidance. (Last Wednesday of every month).
  • Visiting schools when invited to educate about Islam.
  • Regular Activities

  • Ramadan activities are distinctive and intensive because they are:
  • Well attended by all members of each family on a daily basis for a full month.
    They include: Collective Iftar followed by Maghrib, and provide a unique social gathering.
  • Library service for reading as well as for purchasing Mosque syllabus books and other Islamic essentials (pre-order only, payment in full).
  • Organising social activities, inside and outside the Mosque with a special attention to the needs of the youth in our community.
  • Organising Quarterly Charity events to help the destitute of theWorld.
  • Organising the Funeral Prayer and washing the dead body (as required).
  • Conducting Marriage ceremony (as required).
  • Welcoming delegations and visitors from schools, colleges and churches.
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