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Group Visit's or
Muslims are always delighted to show others their place of worship. It allows them to share something very dear to their heart. Muslims hope however, that visitors observe certain rules of conduct during their visit.

The Ipswich and Suffolk Bangladeshi Mosque and Community Centre, is a place of worship for all Muslims. We welcome anyone who would like to visit, observe the prayers and participate in activities at the Center.
The Ipswich and Suffolk Bangladeshi Mosque and Community Centre host many guests, visitors and dignitaries every year.
Schools plan visits as part of their religious education curriculum and academics visit for historical and research purposes.
School Visits
We are able to organise group visits for up to a maximum of 30 people at a time and normally last around an hour.
The aim of the tour is to provide you with the following information.
  • A tour of the Mosque and Centre
  • The history and the role of the Mosque and Centre
  • The purpose of the Imam
  • A basic understanding of Islam
  • Questions & Answers
  • If you are interested in scheduling a visit to the Center or if you have any questions please contact the Mosque via Email.

    Dress Code

    The Ipswich & Suffolk Bangladeshi Muslim Community Centre and Mosque welcomes visitors from all backgrounds. As part of the decorum of a centre attached to a mosque, users and visitors are kindly asked to observe the following dress code:

  • Users and visitors are asked to dress modestly.
  • Avoid see-through, revealing or low-cut clothing.
  • Shorts are not allowed.
  • Skirts and dresses should reach below the knees.
  • Hirers are responsible for ensuring their guests/invitees are aware of and comply with this Dress Code.
  • Visiting the Mosque

  • All Visits to the Mosque should be by arrangement.
  • Shoes should be taken off at the point of entry.
  • Women visiting the male prayer hall should wear a headscarf or similar (may be obtained from the Mosque Reception - please ask when booking).
  • As Mulims pray on the floor, the carpeted areas must be kept clean.
    You will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the Mosque.

  • Please read the frequently asked questions below.
    Feel free to contact us (by email) in case of any clarification.

  • What should I wear?

  • The Center is a place of worship, therefore, modest clothing is required. It is most appropriate to wear modest, loose-fitting clothes. For men, it is better to wear long pants, and for women to wear baggy pants or full-length skirts or dresses, with long sleeves. Women are also requested to cover their head with a scarf as well.

  • Do I have to take my shoes off?

  • You are expected to take your shoes off when entering the prayer hall. This is because people pray on the floor / carpet in the prayer hall.

  • Where do the women pray?

  • Women offer prayers towards the back of the prayer hall or upstairs that provides them privacy.

  • What are the foot sinks in the bathroom for?

  • Muslims are supposed to be in a state of physical purification before making the prayer, which includes washing the feet.

  • What happens when people join the prayer late?

  • They join the prayer already in progress. After the imam (leader of the prayer) has finished, they complete whatever was missed.

  • How do Friday prayers work?

  • Friday is the day of congregational prayers for Muslims–so a short sermon followed by a short prayer at the mosque in congregation is substituted for the regular noon-time prayer. The service begins with the call to prayer, followed by a lecture (rather, two short lectures with a brief pause in the middle). After the lecture (called a Khutbah), another call to prayer is made and the congregation stands to follow the imam in the prayer.

    Few more guidelines…

  • Cell phones

  • A ringing cell phone is a distraction to any service at the mosque–please silence or power-off phones when entering the building.

  • Talking during prayer

  • If you need to talk to someone during the prayer (while you are not praying, of course,) please take the conversation outside the prayer hall into the lobby or hallways so as to not distract those who are praying.

  • Not standing/walking in front of someone praying

  • If you are walking through the prayer area and come across someone who is praying, please walk behind, instead of in front of them.

  • Shaking hands with opposite gender

  • Please be aware that many Muslims do not shake hands with anyone of the opposite gender. That is, men do not shake hands with women, and women do not shake hands with men.
    Unless he/she extends his/her hand first, it is better to not extend yours.
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