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Body Wash Facility Terms and Conditions
The following rules are in place for your benefits and also to help us to provide you with a great service.

USAGE OF THE BODY WASH FACILITIES before using the body wash facilities please read this document; it contains the terms and conditions, what you can expect from us (Ipswich Mosque), what we expect from you in return and also some guidelines on how to carry out the body wash.

Our Imam’s will be able to guide you all or part of the way on your request. We will try our best to support and assist you all the way.

By using the body wash facilities you are agreeing to the following terms and condition. We have the right to update or add new changes to this agreement without any notices; make changes to improve the body wash facilities as and when seen fit.

Terms and Conditions * A minimum donation is required to cover costs (please ask for further information).

  • We will provide the Khapon (Shroud) required to cover the body after wash ready for burial.
  • Soap will be provided.
  • Our Imam will guide you as required (** please ask if assistance is required in full).

  • Check List when entering the Body Wash room: When entering the body wash room please check the following before proceeding, any issues report to Committee member/Imam or person in charge on the day.

  • Room is clear and tidy.
  • Water is working ok.
  • Check list before leaving the Body Wash room
  • Room is tidied up to prevent any accidents.
  • All water has been turned off where required.
  • Any equipment/items used during the wash are put back in place to prevent any accidents
  • If anything is broken or damaged then please inform the Committee as soon as possible to prevent any injury or further damage.

  • Insha-Allah we will do our best to assist you during this difficult time.

    ** Please note – Very Important:

    To prevent complications and unnecessary tension during the whole body wash process; please only assign one person responsible to lead throughout the duration of the wash process.

    If you request our Imam to lead then please make sure everyone involved are informed of this decision. This will prevent any tensions/conflicts and also make the process much quicker and smooth for the deceased person and their/your family.

    For further advice and guidance please speak with our Imam before the body wash.

    If you have any concerns regarding the facilities then speak to us before commencing.

    By using the body wash facility you agree to the above terms and condition.
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