The pleasure of Allah (swt) is in showing love for His Masaajid

Yousuf Saleh 17th January 2014

All Praise is due to Allah (swt) who is the Sustainer of all the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon Muhammad (saws), his family, his companions and all those who follow him in righteousness until the day of resurrection. I testify there is that there is none worthy of worship but Allah (swt) and testify that Muhammad (saw) is the last and final messenger of Allah (swt).

Respected brothers and sisters at home, Today’s topic is about ‘The pleasure of Allah (swt) is in showing love for His houses which are the Masaajid’ From the first man sent on this earth until today all the Prophets including all the righteous people are intensely associated to the Masaajid. They sacrificed their time and wealth for the Masaajid to achieve Allah (swt)’s pleasure and love and by doing this noble deed they became the role models for God conscious people in all times. Allah (swt) hasmentioned in theQuran ch-3. Ve-35. ‘When the wife of Imran (Hannah binth Faqudha conceived a child and) said, ‘O my Rabb, I vow to you what is in my belly to be free from all worldly duties and dedicated only to your service, so accept from me’. Finally the baby was born and it was a girl, and she was dedicated to the Masjid. She used to live in theMehrab worshipping Allah (swt).

It has been mentioned how she became the most beloved woman to Allah (swt) very expressively in many places of the Quran. Respected brothers and sisters at home; on the other hand there are many people who don’t make the Masaajid a part of their lives. In the past and in the present they miss out on the blessings and love of Allah (swt). They are swallowed by their own desires and self-indulgence, thus they are deprived.

In a Hadeeth mentioned in Tabarani, narrated by Abu Said al Khudri (RA), the Prophet (saw) said, “Whoever loves the Masjid; Allah (swt) loves them.” If we look at society we can see the illustration of this Hadeeth becomevery apparent. Allah addresses the believers when he says in ch-63, ve-9; “O you who believe; do not let your money and your children distract you from calling and remembering Allah.” This means that this group of people do have money and children. But they are commanded that money and children are not to become a source of distraction to them in remembering Allah.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, I think most of you know the history of this Mosque. Approximately thirty years ago a handful of the followers of Muhammad (saw) founded this Mosque here. These people collectively gathered funds and they managed to raise enough money to purchase this valuable place which was the abandoned fire station. They tried to keep up and maintain Mosque activities voluntarily, as well as continue to raise funds. Then the next generation has come forward, and took responsibility.

The Muslim community became bigger and they realised the hardship of their elders. Everyone in this community has collectively worked with much adversity. They have sacrificed their energy and money, fulfilling the dream of their forbearers, their endeavour is manifest today. Five years ago, this building that we are in had been bought with your help, without borrowing any money from any bank. Masha Allah we have all the basic facilities in our Mosque. But still every Friday we are struggling to accommodate our worshippers. We don’t have adequate spaces for our attendees.

Last Sunday the Mosque committee had announced good news that our adjacent building was on sale, and they explained the necessity to buy the shop building. Everyone who was present that day agreed to the proposal. It is very important to buy this building because we need to think ahead. And especially to provide more facilities for our women.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, the building’s original price was two hundred thousand pounds, after negotiating ithas been fixed to one hundred and seventy thousand pounds. The Mosque has a deposit of seventy thousand pounds. Last Sunday we raised thirty three thousand more, because those who were present made pledges, Tabaarak Allah, including committee members, imams, and many other community members. We need to raise the rest of the money which is sixty seven thousand pounds. We need to get this collected immediately.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, please do not take it as a Burden, it is a great opportunity to take part in sadaqah Jaariyah, continuous charity. It is the time to show your utmost love to your Creator who has given you everything. It is a great chance to deposit some of our wealth before we leave this dunya. It is also an opportunity to divert calamity from yourselves. Allah (swt) said in Quran Ch-6, Ve-94. ‘Undoubtedly you have come to us alone (without your wealth and families) as we created you the first time and have left behind your backs (in the world) what bounties we had blessed you with.” At The end of the verse Allah (swt) said, “indeed your relationship has been cut off and what you claim has been lost to you’.

Brothers and sisters at home, this is the appropriate time to respond to these words of Allah (swt). In aHadeeth mentioned in Tirmithinarrated by Abu Kabsha Al Anmari (RA) said, ‘I heard the Prophet (saw) say: I swear by Allah (swt) upon three things, so remember it well. Then He said: The wealth of a man does not decrease by giving Sadaqah, if a person endures oppression patiently, Allah increases his honour. If a person opens the door of begging, Allah opens the door of poverty upon him’.

So, brothers and sisters at home, after hearing the Hadeeth is there any excuses not to give to the way of Allah (swt) except one’s weaknesses of faith? Listen to this story and decide carefully. It has been mentioned in the book of Ibne Sireen dream interpretations that Abdul Azeez Ibne Abu Dawud said A villager built A Mosque in his locality and he put Seven stones inthe Masjid. Whenever he finished his salaah, he used to say pointing to the stones, ‘Be witness I am saying that Allah is one and there is no deity accept him.’ One day the person fell ill and he passed away.

Abdul Azeez said,‘I saw him in my dream, and he said it was decided that I go to jahannam, to my surprise I observed one of the stones had become bigger and stopped one of the doors of hell. Similarly the rest of the stones stopped all the other doors of Hell. Finally Allah blessed me and forgave me through this humble sincerity and obedience.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, if we follow the footsteps of this pious man, if we help in buying Allah (swt)’s house, Insha Allah this Mosque will stop all the doors of Hell for us bi’ith nillah. Please do not taint your Mosque with riba, i.e. Bank interest. Raising Sixty seven thousand pounds is not a very big task for us. Allah (swt) has given enough wealth my dear brothers. Remember the sacrifice of the First male Muslim Abu Bakr (RA), who donated all his wealth in the way of Allah (swt). What about all the companions, the muhajireen whohave sacrificed their homeland, all their wealth, families and friends. Many Ansaar companions put a barrier in their own houses and shared it with their Muhajireen brothers.

Respected brothers and sisters at home, wouldn’t youlike to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (saw) and his companions andmake a history, by fulfilling the need of your masjid. If we come forward after Salah and make a pledge, within thirty minutes wecan reach the target Insha Allah.

Do remember not to hesitate when it comes to Charity. Please take this opportunity, and attain peace and tranquillity like all the righteous people achieved. May Allah bless you all. And may Allah save us from resurrecting us with the likes of Qaroon, who was the wealthiest person on this earth, but he was destroyed by Allah’s curse because of his stinginess and arrogance.


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