Why Help Others?

To build and maintain a good society we must always be helpful to each other, as each of us is brothers and sisters to one another. Helping one another can come in many forms such as, visiting and helping the sick, attending someone's funeral prayer, helping the needy though whatever manes, guiding those who are ignorant and going astray etc.

The Holy Prophet (SAW), and all the prophets before him, as well as the four rightly guided Caliphs, sahabi, and all the learned theologians (Ulama) followed this form of conduct. Allah (SWT) said, "Help ye one another unto righteousness and piety" If someone we know is ill then we should visit him, and give him peace, by helping him in whatever need he is in. This may come in the form of care, wealth or some other type of help, but fulfilling the need of the ill person is better for us in rewards. The Prophet (SAW) was the best in conduct when it came to the factor of helping the sick. He would enquire about how so and so is doing and would visit Muslims and non Muslims who were sick. The Prophet (SAW) said, "Visit the sick, feed those who are hungry, and free any slaves." (Bukhaari)

If someone dies then we would show sympathy and try to attend the person's funeral. If someone cries for the person then this is allowed, but he should not do it loudly. Sa'd ibn Ubada was sick and the Prophet (SAW) went to see him. With the prophet (SAW) was Abdur Rahman Ibn Auf, Sa'd ibn Abu Wakkas and Abdullah Ibn Masuda etc, after seeing the state of Sa'd Ibn Ubada the prophet (SAW) began to cry and the other sahabi's began to cry also. The Prophet (SAW) said, "Did you not hear that expressing though tears and by the sympathy of the heart one will not be punished by Allah (SWT), and also do not know that you will be rewarded and punished by the use of this and he pointed to his tongue," (Bukhaari and Muslim)

The Prophet (SAW) held a very sick baby in his arms, and tears began to fall down his face, Sa'd said, "Why are you crying Holy Prophet?" He (SAW) replied, "This is the mercy which Allah (SAT) has put in the hearts of his servants. Truthfully, those who have mercy upon each other, Allah (SWT) will have mercy on them." (Bukhaari and Muslim)

The Prophet (SAW) said, "On the day of judgment Allah (SWT) will say, 'O son of Adam! When I was sick why did you not visit me?' They will say, 'O Allah (SWT) how could we have helped You when You are our Master?' Allah (SWT) will say, 'If you had visited so and so who was sick you would have found me there. Again Allah (SWT) will say, 'O son of Adam" I asked you for food but you did not feed Me. 'they will reply, 'O Allah (SWT) how could we have fed you when you are our Sustainers?' Allah (SWT) will say, 'so and so asked for food, but you did not give it to him.' If you had given him food, then you would have found Me there. 'Again Allah (SWT) will say, O son of Adam! I asked you for water but you did not give it to Me. 'They will reply, 'O Allah (SWT) how could we give You water when You are our Sustainers? 'Allah (SWT) will say, 'So and so asked for water, but you did not give it to them. If you would have given him water then you would have found me there.' (Muslim)

We must have the heart to love one another and care for one another, as it is rewarding, and improves relationships between people, leading to a better and loving society, and thus an example of social harmony for non-Muslims. Something for our thoughts:
There are many people in the world who require our help; this could be anything from needing medical attentions, fresh water, housing, education and so on. If we could help a family to even start their own business so that they can be self dependent. This would be a great advantage to them and their families. Most hard working families do not have the option to start their own business due to the little money they earn; together with the everyday expenses they have to maintain. (Insaan Aid)

Even with our help, we won't make much of significance. But remember that we have to fulfil our duty towards them, because on the Day of Judgment Allah (SWT) will ask us concerning them. Insaan Aid has been setup to help these families and families a like to become self independent and make them realise that it can make a difference with little help and guidance.

Posted on Dec, 2008 by Md Yousuf Saleh

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