What is Sharia?

Sharia is the comprehensive Muslim law derived from two sources, a) the Qur’an b) the Sunnah or traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). It covers every aspect of daily individual and collective living.

The purpose of Islamic laws for the protection of the individuals' basic human rights to include right to life, property, political and religious freedom and safeguarding the rights of women and minorities.

The low crime rate in Muslim societies is due to the application of the Islamic laws.

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About Islam

Basic Principles of Islam

Some basic history and facts about Islam and the way of life as a Muslim.

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About Islam

Friday Khutba

Important Friday Sermone (Khutba) during the Friday Jumu'ah salaah.

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About Islam

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Masjid etiquette, General Dua's, & advice for when visting the Masjid.

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